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Observe the success of your search engine submission in e.g. Google
Monitor your ranking in search services such as Google, Yahoo and MSN
Successful search engine marketing in search services such as Google, Yahoo or MSN needs a powerful analysis tool
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The 3 factor analysis: Your individual market research
Search engine optimization and online advertising need a thorough control of success. With the help of the 3 factor analysis you can discover how the interests of your homepage visitors develop during days, weeks and months or which search engines or online campaigns generate the highest number of new contacts.
The 2 factor table: Facts, facts, facts
search engine stats and keyword stats Metaposition.net allows you to optionally use the 3 factor analysis (trends) or the 2 factor table. In the example you see the number of search engine visitors who visited your web site by using particular search terms.
The world map supports your export marketing
Search engine marketing as part of your export marketing The export business has become one of the main pillars for numerous companies. Metaposition.net is a great support for your export marketing activities. The main feature here is the world map. It shows you exactly from which countries your visitors come from.
How is your ranking in search engines doing?
Monitor the ranking of your homepage in search engines Good rankings in search engines are a sound basis for qualified new contacts. To keep up with changes, Metaposition.net offers you the possibility to monitor your ranking.
Competitors' competition
Competition analysis of a homepage in search services Who is more likely to be found in search engines? You or your competitor? Monitor search engine rankings of your competitors and compare them with those of your homepage.
Increase the rentability of your homepage by the ROI evaluation.
market analysis and customer behavior The success of your homepage can be defined by your targets (e.g. "request for information", "page views" or "sales"). Metaposition.net improves your rentability by displaying relations, such as how many and which search terms result in requests for information.
Potential analysis: Discover surprising relations offering various chances.
Evaluation of a homepage using the potential analysis Metaposition.net does not only display absolute numbers. The potential analysis combines your visibility with the number of visitors and aggregates this data to index numbers. Thus, Metaposition.net shows you more than just numbers.

Clear facts with Metaposition.net!

Metaposition.net is your data warehouse for your Internet marketing. Tables, graphics and detailed information can be used efficiently - even with a great amount of backoffice data.

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