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Whatever your market requieres - your web site will let you know! Metaposition.net

Although the history of the Internet has a technical background, it has long since arrived in the world of economy.  However, the monitoring tools available on the market still often only concentrate on technical aspects.

Right from the beginning Metaposition.net follows a different approach. Metaposition.net was developed by the online marketing experts of Webeffekt AG, Germany. It was developed especially for you - the one responsible for marketing or sales.

We would very much like to present you the details personally. For the moment, however, we will just concentrate on the main differences and advantages.

Monitoring Internet marketing Advantages / Targets

Metaposition.net supports your entrepreneurial targets: increasing sales - decreasing costs.

Metaposition.net shows you 

• what your online visitors' interests are and how they develop (that is your individual and permanent market research),
• which search terms lead to more success (e.g. request for information, conversion),
• which advertisement campaigns (e.g. sponsored links such as Google AdWords or Overture), partner links or banners achieve best results,
• how the interests of your visitors from different countries differ (export marketing).
• which sectors (e.g. countries or search terms) provide higher potential for your business development.

Online Monitoring Use

Metaposition.net as your online service is available via your browser. It is password-protected. Since there is no need for extra installations on your Internet server, there is no technical problem to include Metaposition.net in your homepage.

Analysis online advertising Subject areas

The online area offers far more evaluation possibilities than other forms of advertisement. Therefore, Metaposition.net offers you not only aggregated index numbers but also subject areas. These present you all information according to certain target groups (subject area). Examples are product lines or travel destinations.)

Analysis international search engine Efficiency

Data and information are optionally displayed as graphics or tables. The graphics are especially helpful when it comes to the analysis of coherences and trends (e.g. the geographic origin of your visitors during a time period), while the tables mainly contain absolute numbers (e.g. the number of visitors from particular countries in September).

Examination Homepage Ranking Search engine marketing

Search engines have proven to be an efficient way for acquiring new customers. Metaposition.net allows you to monitor your homepage rankings in the most important search engines - nationally and internationally.

Monitoring of positions in Google Competition analysis

Metaposition.net monitors not only the visibility of your own homepage in search engines but also the visibility of up to five competitors at a glance.

Internet usage statistics Export marketing

Top level domains (.DE, .CO.UK, .COM) are frequently used for the documentation of the visitors' regional origin. However, this approach is far too rough for reliable evaluation. For this reason, Metaposition.net deduces the origin from the IP address.

Log file evaluation software The idea behind the product

Metaposition.net is your comprehensive solution for the documentation and analysis of your online success. There are no additional costs: Metaposition.net is always all inclusive. Updates included.


Why should I use  Metaposition. net?

Metaposition.net can help you to increase your sales while decreasing your costs.

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