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combined logfile analysis and ranking analysis Combining log file analysis and ranking analysis, Metaposition.net opens up new Internet marketing chances.
Log file analysis Ranking analysis
With Metaposition.net you will achieve your targets in the field of search engine marketing because of its combined logfile analyis and ranking analysis.

Increase your chances VISIBLY

Metaposition.net combines logfile analysis and ranking analysis in search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. Are you the one responsible for a homepage's success? Then Metaposition.net is YOUR service!  The logfile analysis enables you to view numerous web statistics, while the ranking analysis compares your visibility with your competitors' visibility in search engines like Yahoo! or Google.

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Webstatistiken für das Internetmarketing Our potential analysis shows alternative ways and gives you new impressions on how to improve your search engine marketing. What is Metaposition.net?

Metaposition.net establishes web statistics for your homepage and is a great support when it comes to evaluating and increasing your internet marketing success.

It is made for those responsible for marketing and is certainly different from the ordinary technical-oriented logfile analysis tools.

Logfile-Analyse und Suchmaschinen-Rankinganalyse Concept: Log file analysis and search engine ranking analysis.
Webeffekt's web site monitoring helps you to optimise your search engine marketing.Similar to the concepts of data mining and data warehouses, flexible reports - in addition to pre-selected evaluations - will help you to identify new chances. Aggregated index numbers are at your fingertips as well as detailed analysis. Here are some examples:

Logfileanalyse Comprehensive log file analysis for your marketing needs.
Suchmaschinenranking Search engine ranking including monitoring of your competitors.
Sponsored Links Integrated monitoring of sponsored link campaigns.
return of invest Determination and optimisation of ROI.
Webstatistik Simple setting of individual evaluations.



Metaposition.net is based on Webeffekt's long practical experience in online marketing. Thus, Metaposition.net has passed all practical tests and is made for  everyday business.

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